Boon Tat Street

In 1985, I traveled to Malaysia to learn the art of BBQ seafood from a master. After mastering the skills, I decided to start my own pushcart business selling BBQ seafood on a food street in Singapore. At that time, I was the first person in Singapore to sell BBQ seafood on a pushcart on the street. 

Gradually, customers began to enjoy my food and word spread. Even on rainy days, people would come to patronize my cart along Boon Tat Street. As such, I decided to open every day, regardless of the weather.

In 1993, I was offered the opportunity to open two stalls inside Lau Pa Sat. From then on, whenever customers think of "fresh seafood" and "good sambal chilli," they think of the brand "Boon Tat Seafood" and come to Lau Pa Sat to enjoy it.