Let's BBq Bar

Miki, a Taiwanese entrepreneur, is introducing the tastes of her hometown to the lively streets through her venture, "Let's BBQ Bar." 

Fueled by a desire to share the authentic essence of Taiwan's culinary delights with Singaporeans, she takes inspiration from her family's renowned stall in Taiwan. These flavorful skewers feature classics like grilled squid bathed in savoury sauces, delivering a perfect blend of tenderness and smoky goodness.

From juicy chicken to flavourful pork, each skewered and grilled to perfection. Each skewer is brushed with a delectable glaze, elevating the overall taste. For those seeking variety, expect assortments of mushrooms, vegetables, and even quail eggs on skewers—a mini buffet on a stick!

What makes it truly special is the communal experience—sharing these skewers with friends, sampling a bit of everything, and enjoying a cold beer. It's more than just a snack; it's a social affair, a culinary escapade in every bite. Here's to good company and delightful skewers!